Company Profile

Feiya Cosmetics, LLC was established in 2003 and is the exclusive distributor of Feiya brand cosmetic products in the United States. In addition, Feiya Cosmetics wholesales and retails Feiya, Valanna, Batsuna, Chii Lih, Louis Victoria, and Monsepa cosmetic creams. The retail prices for Feiya, Valanna, Batsuna, Chii Lih, Louis Victoria, and Monsepa creams are listed on each product's information page, but the wholesale prices are not available on this website. Please see the contact us page for information on how to obtain a wholesale price quote.


Although each product's information page provides a description of what the product does and how it works, please bear in mind that the desired or perceived results will vary depending on several factors. A person's prior use of other whitening, brightening or exfoliating skin care products will diminish the overall results because further whitening, brightening or exfoliation will not yield a more significant difference. If the products are not used as directed, the desired results may take longer to achieve and therefore, perceived to be ineffective. For the above reasons, we do not make any guarantees that our products will work well for every customer. Majority of customers will appreciate the benefits of using our products and we strongly stand by our products that each will work as intended.

Legal Information

Feiya Cosmetics, LLC is the trademark owner of the Feiya brand and is the copyright owner of the Feiya logo. Any product that bears the Feiya name and or logo without the written consent of Feiya Cosmetics, LLC is in violation of US Patent and Trademark laws and regulation. Any company or entity that knowingly distributes counterfeit Feiya products will be pursued to the highest degree of the law.

Feiya Cosmetics, LLC reserves every right to pursue individuals or companies who distribute counterfeit (a.k.a. fake) products that may potentially cause harm to our customers who have confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the products we sell. The counterfeit products are made with ingredients that have not been thoroughly tested and may be harmful if applied to the skin. If you have information about a company, website, or individual that is selling counterfeit products, please contact us so we may ask the person or company to stop. We normally send out a warning letter to advise that the products being sold are fake and for the person or company to stop. For your cooperation, we offer a reward of a genuine Feiya Day or Night Cream of your choice.